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We Create A Private Forum That Reflects What You Do And Should Be Doing, And Allows You To Become Better At It.
Simply Sign In And Communicate, Collaborate, Or Simply Contribute


             Your communication and collaboration will be more private and secure
             than email and you will improve the quality of your discussions and decisions. 

             We help you stop  reinventing  the wheel, and lay out a smart taxonomy
             you can adopt and adapt and grow forward with.

             A Community of Practice allows discussions to take place about activities
             and events and what you did about it and what might work better.

             You will build a complete corporate memory that remembers all the important
             strategic information your people take away at night...and sometimes for good.

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Key Benefits & Questions


         Build A Complete Corporate Memory As You Work 

Does Any Of The Following Concern You?

What If You Send A Confidential Email
 To The Wrong Person?

Do You Know What Your Business
Really Looks Like Beyond The Numbers?

If You Get Hit By A Bus...
What Happens To Your Business?

Why Wouldn't Your Business Be Worth More
With All Its Memories Intact?

These Are Only A Few Of Many Concerns We Alleviate.
For A More Complete List Of Benefits, Download Our One Page Summary

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We Are Unique In Organizing A Corporate Forum Into Communities of Practice
 Organized Around Smart Taxonomies and Trusted Wisdom


Being Cloud Based, It Is Accessible By Users Anytime, Anywhere, Via Desktop, Laptop Or Any Mobile Device.
And That Conversation and Collaboration Is Private, Secure and Better Than Email

Ask About Our Value Guarantees
You Will Communicate & Collaborate More Effectively And Securely
You Will Work Smarter, Learn Better And Remember More

      Value Guarantee                

Communities of Practice
 are groups of people who share a concern
or a passion for something they do and learn
how to do it better as they interact regularly.

                                          Etienne Wenger



We asked Etienne Wenger
, the world's foremost
Community of Practice scholar and authority,
if our approach was right. His answer?

"For a close-knit team with ongoing interactions and
    a need to learn fast, your model would indeed apply"

                                          Etienne Wenger


We Will Only Undertake An Engagement If We Can Agree, To Our Mutual Satisfaction,
That The Value And Potential Of What We Provide Is Greater Than The Price We Charge

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